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Blair Lauren Brown is the alchemist, founder, and CEO of Verté LLC, a luxury wellness and beauty brand featured in Forbes, and Cosmopolitan among others. Known as Verté Essentials - the line is one of the first all natural beauty and wellness products to reach US and international shelves, featuring cannabis CBD as an ingredient, Verté maintains a reputation for innovative and effective formulations. Bringing together a host of diversely qualified partners from biochemical engineers to estheticians, and wellness practitioners to a master cannabis cultivators, in creating the formulations Brown has created a trusted process for bringing an ancient plant back into the respected forefront of our culture.

Brown’s cannabis roots extend beyond the business recalling her role on the ground in early 2004 assisting in medical grow operations supporting California’s Prop 215. Brown herself is responsible for a progressive approach to bringing the ritual back to the process of living well. Recognized as a leader in cannabis wellness she can be found teaching cannabis medicine, Sadhana Yoga and other wellness practices around the world at events & retreats. She recently presented the Cannabis Mirror, in 2017, a look at this history of Cannabis in the USA with TEDx Sun Valley and has just finished a book on CBD Ritual & Wellness for a large international publisher slated to release in November of 2019.